To: Bob Paulson, Commissioner. Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2015 April 21 . cc. Hon. Ministers Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, Tony Clement, Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay From: Arnold Guetta, mathematician. 69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa, ON K1S0M8 and facsimile 613 234 3196

copy of the text of my unacknowledged 2015 April 21 letter to Commissioner Paulson, copied to four cabinet ministers, has not appeared due to my error or clip and paste difficulties. Work in progress, but career hazards necessitate urgencies. A.G.

(The following is text of my letter to Commissioner R.Paulson dated 2015 May 10, is deficient of the two newspaper clips, and was accompanied by  a copy of mine of 2015 April 21. My apologies..)

Commissioner R.Paulson: A seven day caution re the Crown versus Andrew Treusch, and staff of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), 1961-2015,  as half-century disclosed/proven to, sheltered/exploited by, Commissioner Robert Paulson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) 2015, staff, and predecessors from and since 1962/3, (A/C) Poudrette, RCMP 1962/3.                                                Evidence: (A) My letter to you dated 2015 April 21, (as corrected for typographical error by my later letter): both letters unacknowledged, as with, (and generally since), A/C Poudrette, RCMP, 1962/3. The corrected version (repeating its notice of thirty additional indictments) is enclosed.                                                                                                                The RCMP line management delegation path from Robert Paulson through (abbreviations) D/C.A/ C, C/S, Superintendent, C/S/M, S/M, S.Sgt. Sergeant, Corporal, all anonymous  and potentially delinquent, appear to lead to a Constable Brad McKinnon who appears helpful, busy with other assignments, in Intake Unit not White Collar crime, and completely deprived of the above or other essential data. Names by return e-mail or fax.please.           B; The Crown versus Ottawa Bar and Bench, as published Ottawa Citizen/Journal, 1977 Jan. 10.       C; The Crown versus Ontario Bar/Bench, as published in the Globe and Mail, 1978 Jan. 10.

(inserted newspaper clips before fax by adhesive, A.G.)

D; Details of $7.3 billions recoverable by the Crown (following negligence or criminal delinquencies in the Canada Revenue Agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and others,) 1961-2015 are published in :   ( http://.  or  www.)                    This letter may be amended, supplemented and there added without further notice in the absence of related support for the Crown e.g. the RCMP advising me (within seven days of receipt) of, say,  a Judicial hearing and date placing me (together with evidence, indictments, testimony, and law enforcement motions) before a Court outside Ottawa, as local Court officers attempted.  Indictments of Ottawa police chiefs from Seguin to Bordeleau , Ottawa Bar since P. Belanger , Ottawa Bench since the secret trials and removals of Judges Rene Marin and Thomas Swabey et al, B, C and D above all render Ottawa jurisdictions  unsafe for the Crown.

Why Andrew Treusch is still neither cautioned nor charged (but requesting my date of birth) and why (2013 late May) Canada Post registered mail (to A.Treusch) deliverer is still neither named nor interviewed is typical of the failures (incompetence or corrupt) which betray the Crown, enrich thieves and mortally endanger my associates since 1962.  RIP, Hobson, Kroeker, Tyas.                                                               .                              Arnold Guetta, mathematician   As Commissioned 1944.                  ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      69  Centennial Blvd. Ottawa, ON K1S0M8       fax 613 234 3196


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