2012 marks  a half-century of  corruption and waste documented in this web-site.

It is summarised repeatedly as $7.3 billions  recoverable (two courts, two years) with (now) some  $30 billions in annual  savings by closing  corrupt agencies and severely  restraining, reducing or reforming the chronically  wasteful or virtually useless, including education functions.

Clearly defined divisions for the Crown, and (scandalously large) majorities in Ottawa against the Crown, are noted and recorded within public and academic services, bar, bench and police, media, clerics and citizenry.

These minorities of principle, intelligence and honesty have  defended the Crown and appear miniscule when compared with the apparently dominant Ottawa acceptance of  personal and municipal enrichment from exposed theft from all several public purses. Immense dishonesty in Ontario media, including  alteration or complete erasing of  printed or electronic records, is widespread and offers some major excuse for the citizenry at large

All the more reason therefore to honour the principled and expose some further notable delinquents over fifty years, particularly as these past few days  have seen the following:

1: Ottawa Police Chief: The delinquent Charles Bordeleau to  succeed another  (in a sequence of eight delinquents) Vernon White (White appointed to the Senate) as Ottawa police chief . All nine contrasting markedly with our principled and endangered police  supporters, applying for our Court appearance for the Crown.

These supporters include Deputy Commissioner Drapeau and others (see RCMP-GC-310-26-4-1), from which file Vernon White (24 years RCMP) is believed conspicuously absent, as confirmed by our correspondence.

The new Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau is at present believed and assumed to be the same Bordeleau knowledgable of and responsible for my being named as a prime suspect in the theft of a  purse from my home, in which  event I had pursued and detained the thief and identified her to Ottawa Police some years ago.

2:  The Globe and Mail  (week-ending 2012/3/2) erased immediately John Ibbotson’s false web-site report on the arrival of  corrections to Globe and Mail published record. See John Ibbotson on “Robo-calls”.

3: TVOntario and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( tax-supported at $60 millions and $1100 millions annually respectively) have similarly erased thousands of documents.

4: Below will be found  tribute to Chief Justice  J.T. Thorson, Ontario Justice  Henry et al in their support of the Crown: last week however saw  Judge James Chadwick publicized in the National Post (week-ending 2012/3/2). Chadwick, at some thirty years, is close behind  the durations of  lawless judicial betrayals  of Judges Paul Belanger and John Matheson exposed elswhere in this site. Corruption on the  judges’ bench is  sustained at the highest level,  where  Chief Justice B.Mclachlin has  postponed  decision on Canadian Judicial Council file 05-0626 for some seven years. This obstructs the process of the documented charges against delinquent judges  proposed by le Conseil du magistrature de Quebec and supported by the Alberta bar.

n.b.Paul Belanger (Ottawa: from  law society president before his appointment to  (and throughout) his  bench career). See  the secret trial of Judge T. Swabey, and also Belanger acquitting himself and convicting the Crown.

1961 October 23 “Name your price” has been followed by the above and other divisions (within those populations named) between  loyalty to and betrayal of the Crown.

(work in progress 12/3/3)

False reporting of public spending, and corrupt exchange of Ontario public funded journalism for  family benefits. e.g. Steve Paikin and Jonathan Kay. Electronic  falsifying and obstruction of the Crown. Erasure  of thousands of  comment documents, breach of contract  regarding classified  advertising and other practices. and such  other misconduct as shall be presented

To be completed

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Link to twenty-six documents

It has been suggested that the repeated “judicial” evictions of  a mathematician in Ottawa Centre should be replaced  as opening essay/Welcome to this site by rapid access to the twenty-six documents which  are  selected from thousands of related records. aguetta@rogers.com

You are therefore invited to either scroll to, (or click essay on your right), “Some human tragedies…” then read or scroll to click the url “…..80664….etc”. for the documents. 

The documents include the removal with both lies and undeserved benefits of ministers Turner and Richardson, deputy ministers Reisman and Grandy, Judges Marin and Swabey, Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant, (just as he removed) Ottawa councillor/Police Services Board Chair Herb Kreling, a CBC journalist/audio/video tape “surgeon”/election rigger and others since  1960’s Harvie and Bean.

The current summary of purpose is as follows. Reduce the increasing Canadian public debt per capita of approximately $50,000, by (1) recoveries from thieves and delinquents ($7.3 billions) and (2) annual public (including education) spending reductions by at least $25 billions annually, by closing both the corrupt (IDRC,EDC) and the useless (BDC,NRC/NSERC) and provincial/municipal parallels.

n.b. I have written that Ivan Head was the  founding President of the International Development Research Centre  (IDRC above).The Ottawa Citizen today (2011/12/11) names Dr. David Hopper (in his obituary) as the founding President. I may well stand corrected, but I still believe Head to have presided, and his  criminal negligence (as Trudeau aide) with regard to my first publication “CCRMS” (1969) remains, (together with my recommendation of termination of this absurd waste).

Alternatively, a visitor may click  any other essays surrounding  “Some human tragedies”, which essays include  personal experiences of family and friends  where I am more fortunate (in surviving 1961 to today in Ottawa Centre)  than some  colleagues/mathematicians.

 RIP Dr. Frances Hobson , John Kroeker, Philip Tyas et al.

(Work in progress)

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Introduction and Contents. (work in progress)

A half-century of  mathematicians  recording real Canadian public spending, accounting , auditing, Ottawa federally, Ontario provincially and Ottawa municipally together with related judicial processes. With regard to the latter,  Bar/Bench  greed or ignorance  outweigh the principle, intelligence and truth of  minorities. $25 billions in annual federal savings, plus recovery of $7.2 billions from delinquents.

To readers  sufficiently interested to “click” on my posts to media blog opportunities, kindly take note that TVOntario (currently  on $60 millions  annually from the Ontario tax-payer) has shut out mathematicians  since before its “Day 1″, first day on air.  Harry Brown so-called TVO ” ‘phone-in: “Speaking Out”” had a  firm “We do not air mathematicians” policy: this continued under producer Doug Grant (until removed) and thereafter by Dan Dunsky and his host Steve Paikin. They and their producers (including one Ryerson college student, and  mainly ex-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) regularly remove my posts without trace.  In  2011 August, blogger Wolf Braun  wrote on the TVO Agenda web-site that Mr. Paikin is paid some $258,000  annually. (n.b. 2012 March, Steve Paikin’s salary was confirmed at $295,000 p.a. within the names of 7800 Ontario employees exceeding $100,000 p.a.)

TVO closed its viewers “Discussion” blog-site some five months ago, extinguishing many  well-informed viewers, including joannie on “public servant benefits compared with  others”. Mr. Paikin visited my site and  published “..nothing there…” which, if TVO four decades of error ever come before an arbiter, suggests a dishonest plan for  a plea of ignorance.

National   newspapers frequently suppress  my posts, or  for many past months (and some still currently) publish only with a red “DELETE” button inviting any reader (e.g. a ‘teen-ager disgruntled with his failed maths test) to  erase my  words. Ottawa Citizen occasionally declines to admit either my “Log in” or my “Register”, consistent with refusal to quote from my two-page political  platforms. On the other hand, the Financial Post  for a  time added “Top commenter” to my name.

Congratulations to those who  found this site!

Scroll down for essays, during which you will be invited to click further for  some twenty-three documents (see  Contents below for  brevities) of supporting evidence, analyses, and further published sources in the  formal publications of which I am author. The latest, “MOPS”, a ten-page monograph is more secure in Oxford University (and thence free by fax) than  my earlier reports in Ottawa, where their incineration record parallels my eviction  record, and the confiscation of my Canadian passport in 1985. This confiscation of my passport is  confirmed and accepted by my Ottawa Centre M.P. , Paul Dewar, and further accepted by all (his colleague) New Democratic Party Members of Parliament of record prior to  our 2011 May election.

On the other hand, one outstanding Attorney General of Ontario, Hon. H. Hampton (later leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party) ordered an Ottawa judge to”stand aside” from my work. Said Judge (Tierney) batted 1000, i.e dismissed some seven out of seven of my applications exposing  Ottawa Centre thieves at the public purse, and even asked me “When may I expect your next, Mr. Guetta?”.

Documents:-                                                                                                                           Winkler (Chief Justice, Ontario). If a thousand Courts  every day rule against those who decline to appear  or those who wilfully remain silent, Chief Justice Winkler’s silence equates to his delinquent endorsement of  the corrupt or unintelligent majority of judges in Ottawa Courts, e.g. Tierney above (see the  Court dockets), also confiscation of both my cash and the  transcripts which convict other judges : Judge  Belanger dismisses his own indictment, dismisses all Crown witnesses, and convicts the Crown, etc.. Chief Justice Winkler appears to overrule  Chief  Justice J.T.Thorson, Justice Henry  et al (and endangered  Court  staff) who endorsed  my principles.                                                                                           Documents:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mathematician…                                                                                                                                Mathematician’s political candidacies (CBC/Ottawa Citizen shut-outs).                             Y.Naqvi MLA.                                                                                                                                 Attorneys General of Ontario: Bentley removed Bryant, as Bryant removed (Ottawa Councillor /Police Board Chair) Herb Kreling: decades of false   minutes.                             Conrad Black, , who removed three dishonest editors                                                            Anthony Germain, CBC tape-surgeon extraordinaire, exposed and hence to CBC China, as a visibly recognizable/handicapped minority..                                                                         Bar and Bench: the half-century, characterized by “Take the money and share it with me”, then “Don’t bother: I can now do it myself”. See the latest $5.2 thieved millions, exposed by James Bagnall, journalist, befoe his instant removal.                                             Thirty years of accumulated analyses.                                                                                         Ottawa Police.                                                                                                        Crown versus..                                                                                                                                                               Corrections to Dan Gardner.                                                                                                     Misconduct of B. Brucker, Justice Canada.                                                                           Exposure of Senator Joan Fraser                                                                                                    (see C. Black)                                                                           .                                                                     Mathematics of corruption.                                                                                                             The $6 billion….                                                                                                                         Justice Major versus mathematicians, from McDonald Commission Counsel to Commissioner,  Air India 182, (thus proving  the case for lay magistrates).                                                                                                                                     Appreciation of Conrad Black.                                                                                                 Open letter to Ontario Attorney General.                                                                                  Judicial Commission failures, from Glassco (1963) to y .                                                        Major WhiteWash                                                                                                                                  The complicity of Ottawa Mayors, from Greenberg to Watson.                                         Ministers of Justice  for forty years.                                                                                                  The inflationary spiral of corruption.                                                                                         The recoverable Commisioner Gomery.                                                                                    This will bring to your notice……

Work in progress. My family tease me about my neophyte personal computer performance (format, document numbering, typos etc.  my apologies) , citing  my early experience 1956-1961. Burroughs Electro-Data Datatron punch card vacuum tube  computer applications, Canadair Ltd. Montreal, Arthur D. Little, Boston and Atomic Energy of CanadaLtd. Chalk River, Ontario. I plead the survival diversion and concentration of knee-deep in Ottawa Centre metaphorical alligators.. Improvements to follow.


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Some human tragedies surrounding mathematicians in Ottawa, 1961-2010. RIP Hobson, Tyas et al, enabling $7.2 billions recoverable for public purses in Canada

Two  earlier  posts outlined police and judiciary performance in Ontario.                   Human tragedies  are predictable when, for nearly a half-century, access to Royal Commissions  (Glassco, 1963 and since) or access to Court, to represent the Crown, (see two earlier essays) is repeatedly denied and concealed. An apparent majority of greed and delinquency versus minority principle and honesty is  evident and recorded .                                              Current  summary identifies $7.2 billions recoverable for the Crown (two Courts, two years). I have on occasion sadly ill-chosen lawyers  on behalf of the Crown: e.g the late J.M. “take the money and share it with me”  and barrister R. Butterworth of Perth (see below).  Some exceptions are noted, including within Justice Canada, and both inside and outside Ottawa. This essay is published while supporting testimony ( and I know of none opposing) may still be confirmed by the parties named below.

The Crown versus Robert Butterworth of Perth as follows.

Mr. Butterworth, barrister, was given two choices, one some years after the other.

1: At the suggestion of Ottawa barristers, I visited Mr. Butterworth in Perth, about 1974 and showed him analyses (see below) of fraud in public spending , for which I petitioned (then as now ) for initial two days in open Court to present the  facts for the Crown to recover (then) some $2.7 billions, and to bring back my wife and son from the sanctuary which they had repeatedly found in the United Kingdom. Mr. Butterworth declined to assist.

2: In approximately 1978/9, George  Parry (visitor from U.K.  or landed immigrant, however be the case: see below) apparently retained Mr. Butterworth to seize my home and content, without due process, or in my absence, and immediately  sell it. This Mr. Butterworth assisted and accomplished: I was evicted by armed police, at fifteen minutes notice, and refused access by armed police the next day when I returned for clothes. George Parry then obtained “bridge financing ” (some $7,000 in mortgage and taxes were immediately due at sale) of sums of (more or less) $8,000 and $2,000 respectively from  my friends of between fifteen and twenty years Norman and Noreen Dobson of Montreal (see below) and my neighbour Ellis Smith (then widow) of Prospect, Ontario .      n.b. the late Ellis Smith is survived by daughter Sue Newell and her husband, Prospect, Ontario .

The property was sold for some $85,000, and George Parry left for Western travel, initial nightstop in Deep River , guest of my friends Dr. and Mrs. Esilman (see below).       Norman Dobson and Ellis Smith were, I believe, not then  reimbursed. Norman Dobson then contacted (and may have visited) Ontario Provincial Police in Perth, who earlier had intervened with regard to Mr. Parry’s earlier criminal acts. An OPP officer intercepted Mr. Parry at  Dr. Esilman’s residence in Deep River, and requested that Mr. Parry  return under escort to Perth Ontario, to reassure or reimburse Mr. Norman Dobson. En route, George Parry (licensed in Ontario for explosive demolition) took his own life by clasping an explosive mining cap between his teeth while driving his vehicle. An inquest was persistently opposed, until Queen’s Park authorities were prevailed upon to intervene.         I later testified at a pretence of inquest in Perth,  purchased transcript and  saw no sign of barrister Butterworth.

I know of no inquest after the premature or violent deaths of colleagues Dr. Frances Hobson and  (suicide in exile) Philip Tyas (Industry Canada, see below) and  Ottawa Citizen editors forbid the publication of either obituary.

Three references of which I am author:                                                                                           1: 1969 “Computers in Canada and related management studies” (CCRMS) prepared under contract from (and copies (some eighteen known) printed by) Philip Tyas (see below) at his employer Industry Canada, at the cost of his life. No known inquest, and obituary refused by Ottawa Citizen (as with the late mathematician Dr. F. Hobson).              Corrupt public spending since 1961 has been recorded.                                                  2: 1973. “Computers, Ottawa and the public service”: 95% of printing run  seized and incinerated following Judge J. Matheson’s first order for my first eviction.  Surviving copies include  Carleton University, ( library shelf # JL86.A8G84). Ottawa public library is believed to have destroyed its copy, as also with  Philip Tyas’ (see below) publications on Critical Path planning etc.                                                                                                               3: 2005 “Mathematicians, Ottawa and public spending”, a ten-page monograph, free by fax from University of Oxford archivist Ms .Curthoys.

cite  cen.iii.c.1 (1943 )                                                                                                          .

Philip and Joan Tyas:  Both graduates of Manchester University, U.K., and both repeatedly visited our home.   Philip served in  British Army, WW2,, landing in France 1944, and  briefed to report on Cap Gris-Nez rocket launch site.  Philip described to me the continuing hostile, criminally delinquent  opposition to our work of  both his deputy minister James Grandy and Grandy’s delinquent science adviser.  James Grandy (together with deputy minister Simon Reisman, Ministers John Turner and James Richardson) were all removed from office (with  both undeserved contracts and false public reports), by concealed “judicial” process between  Justice Brian Dickson  and Prime Minister Trudeau, resulting from their review of CCRMS and other supporting evidence.

.                                                           .

Moira  (and George) Parry, earlier Moira Guetta, nee Pitt. We were married in 1957 and resided in Montreal where our two sons Stephen and Nicholas were born. We left Montreal (and my seven years Canadair employment)  within days of “Name your price” (references 1,2 and 3) in 1961, moving to Ottawa, where I opened an office as professional mathematician: Cooper St. then Confederation Square, then Sparks St. and Prospect Ontario  etc. Moira with our sons repeatedly found sanctuary in the U.K. from the hostility to my work in Ottawa, both before, and (finally Moira, as a returned permanent resident) after the retirement/departure of my main supporters Dr. Ken  Tupper (NRC), Ministers Paul  Hellyer, Warren Allmand et al.                                                                                                 Approximately  1977, Moira  was granted divorce in Wiltshire, U.K.( I contested by mail, but  was  unable to attend)  from our marriage  while  she was on the staff of Warminster School, where our son was in  residence.                                   The late George Parry was (I am told) a WW2 Royal Navy veteran , and amputee following WW2 mine disposal wounds. As the owner of a cabinet making company near Warminster, he sat on the Warminster School Board of Governors.                                 George Parry became Moira’s second husband after our divorce.

Jack Butt served as a Royal Air Force pilot in WW2, (contemporary with my own RAF navigator service): Jack joined British Airways, to serve as Captain, at about the time that I emigrated from U.K to Canada. Jack was the frequent guest  of Moira and me during his Trans-Atlantic layovers in Montreal , between 1958 and 1961, and later in Ottawa after our move there. Since the death of George Parry, I believe that Moira has had far more comfort and freedom from anxiety with Jack than she ever knew in Ottawa and in Prospect Ontario (except for brief spells  thanks to Ken Tupper, Warren Allmand, Paul Hellyer and a minority of principled and intelligent sponsors of my/our work) after 1962.

The late Norman Dobson ( his widow Noreen now  resides in Calgary with their two sons Graham and Gary and daughter Kimberley, and  grandchildren).                                  Norman and Noreen are both graduate  mathematicians of Manchester University.        In 1958  Norman  joined my group  in computer applications at Canadair Ltd. and was  both talented and instrumental in our group in the work which culminated in “Name your price”, (above +ref.1)). Our families have been close  friends since 1958.

Dr. Gordon and Renee Esilman, Gordon and I worked together in 1952 at Hawker-Siddeley Avro Aviation flight test, Woodford, Cheshire, U.K.. He joined Avro Canada in Toronto at about the same time that I joined Canadair  Ltd. in Montreal (1954.). Although retained by Avro Canada  at cancellation of the Avro Arrow, he chose to study and graduate in dentistry at the University of Toronto, and  then practiced dentistry in Deep River, Ontario for many years.. Our families have been friends for some fifty years.

Some urgency is seen ; this posting may be supplemented  at a future date.                       For example, the distribution of the (some) eighteen copies of CCRMS is  largely known to me, and is noted more for its illegal exploitation than for the hazards associated with law-enforcement in Ottawa since 1961. Three copies are believed to have been in the possession of lawyers in the Ottawa office Perley, Robertson McDougall (Hill, Manley at times) for some three or four decades of lawless exploitation, leading to their exposure by James Bagnall, Ottawa Citizen, 2007 December 15, and their illegal custody or theft of $5.2 millions of public monies. As is the repeated practice of the Ottawa Citizen, James Bagnall was immediately replaced in this Ottawa Bar/Bench reporting by a journalist who is for decades a reliable shelter for thieves at public purses in Ottawa.

Readers may also be interested in a list of the twenty-six documents which I published (each clickable) on an earlier web-site  http://ottawamaths.spaces.live.com  (as it then existed).      n.b. I hope that these documents will still be found at                                              http://cid-80664299e2573e6f.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Documents    They include facts about my applications for open Court process, related obstruction, related removal of Councillor/Police Board Chairman Herb Kreling by the Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant, just as Bryant was subsequently removed from cabinet, These removals sheltering corrupt public spending date back to 1961.            Arnold Guetta, mathematician   also at  aguetta@rogers.com

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Judging and Commissions:Principle in decline in Ontario over two centuries

 In past centuries, particularly in English and French jurisdictions, the monarch’s  travelling (and royally Commissioned) judge would arrive, perhaps on horse-back, and in an open space, his clerk would  announce:
“Oyez! His/Her Majesty’s Judge X is  here this day in Session: All having matters  pertaining to this Court, draw near and you will be heard”
These noble words appear unspoken, and even replaced with expansion of theft, promotion of thieves, and judicial exploitation for personal gain in Ontario since 1963
That  transparently warm welcome (now extinguished) to anyone wronged contrasts markedly with Ontario Court/Commissions/Coroners (RIP Hobson, Tyas, Parry et al) reception offered to mathematicians and associates recording and opposing theft from the Crown since  1959.
Notable exceptions include Chief Justice J.T.Thorson, (then Justice) Brian Dickson,and Justice Henry and unknown barristers at Justice Canada.
Our petitions to be heard, usually accompanied by, or otherwise disclosing in advance, our evidence , (and repeatedly Royal Canadian Mounted Police endorsed (RCMP-GC-310-26-4-1)) have brought notice of deliberate destruction of our letter, the removal from public office (with undeserved benefits and contracts) of delinquent ministers and deputy ministers , subsequent confiscation of both our cash and the transcripts ordered, and the blatant exploitation of our disclosed evidence for the personal gain of a Commissioner or Judge.
My previous web-site (2009-2010 August) carried twenty-three (click) Documents and references.
(I believe those documents are now available by clicking within my third essay).
Such evidence should be publicly compared with the records of the following Ontario judicial processes since (and including) Glassco Commission (East Block, 1963, D.R.Yeomans and Dr. Davidson: note, Asst. Commissioner Poudrette RCMP).
 Commissions: R. Marin, Justice McDonald plus two barristers, Chief Justice W.Z.Estey (two Commissions plus the secret trial of Judge T. Swabey)
Justice Parker, Justice Gomery Justice Major, Chief Justice Winkler. Note also Justice P. Belanger in my (click and scroll) Profile on the earlier site, Justice Heald, Judge Tierney and several Justices of the Peace, including Herb Kreling (removed from Ottawa Councillor/Police Board Chair  with regard to false minutes: see Attorneys General Bentley and Bryant Document) et al.
It is estimated that the Crown will recover some $7.2 billions, more or less, from due process. In layman’s terms, these recoveries are seen as either recoveries from thieves or civil recoveries from those who oppose our work since 1961.    aguetta@rogers.com   Arnold Guetta, mathematician. Canada and United Kingdom commissions.
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Introduction: Corrupt public spending since 1959: Ontario judicially assisted and approved

I worked for both Avro (after Lancaster experience) and later Canadair in charge of engineering application of a first Burroughs digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, (but thereafter (continuing) illegally billed to the federal government, salary plus 100% overhead).
I filed to my supervisory managers up to Chief Engineer Harvie written disclosure of dissent, refused subsequent “Name your price”, and refused with thanks an offer of employment from Boeing Seattle, in favour of opening an office  in Ottawa.
With notable judicial, cabinet minister and senior public servant (Hon. Warren Allmand, Hon. Paul Hellyer *Hon. Howard Hampton and some unknown exceptions) Ottawa thrives municipally* on theft, adding the current $28 billions annual deficit to Canadian public debt of $1.3 trillions.
* http://www.maths1951.wordpress.com Recover $7.3 billlions for public purses.
This web-site records part of the work of applied mathematicians in Ottawa, by publishing a sequence of Documents, (currently twenty-six: to be periodically supplemented).
1: Corruption and waste in public spending, since 1959,
2: Related police lawless conspiracy (all Ottawa police chiefs since Seguin, many Royal Canadian Mounted Police since Poudrette, 1963),
 noting the principled and judicially silenced RCMP minority recorded in RCMP-GC-310-26-4-1.
3: Our early  support from Chief Justice  J.T.Thorson, Justice Henry,  and unknown barristers at Justice Canada outnumbered by Bar/Bench delinquencies (see my posted profile, scroll Belanger et al).
4:The endorsement or opposition or (Senate aspiration) exploitation from Canadian media, shortly to be added as a supplementary Document to the current twenty-six.
5: such other facts as may arise.
My limited web-talents, for which your patient understanding is requested, are largely attributable to the  overwhelming hostility to this work in public servant/public funded  enriched Ottawa Centre. Here I work, and all my applications for web professional assistance remain unanswered after I name my web-site.
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