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Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom

2012 marks  a half-century of  corruption and waste documented in this web-site. It is summarised repeatedly as $7.3 billions  recoverable (two courts, two years) with (now) some  $30 billions in annual  savings by closing  corrupt agencies and severely  restraining, reducing or reforming … Continue reading

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Link to twenty-six documents

It has been suggested that the repeated “judicial” evictions of  a mathematician in Ottawa Centre should be replaced  as opening essay/Welcome to this site by rapid access to the twenty-six documents which  are  selected from thousands of related records. You are therefore … Continue reading

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Introduction and Contents. (work in progress)

A half-century of  mathematicians  recording real Canadian public spending, accounting , auditing, Ottawa federally, Ontario provincially and Ottawa municipally together with related judicial processes. With regard to the latter,  Bar/Bench  greed or ignorance  outweigh the principle, intelligence and truth of  minorities. … Continue reading

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Some human tragedies surrounding mathematicians in Ottawa, 1961-2010. RIP Hobson, Tyas et al, enabling $7.2 billions recoverable for public purses in Canada

Two  earlier  posts outlined police and judiciary performance in Ontario.                   Human tragedies  are predictable when, for nearly a half-century, access to Royal Commissions  (Glassco, 1963 and since) or access to Court, to represent the Crown, (see two earlier essays) is repeatedly denied and … Continue reading

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Judging and Commissions:Principle in decline in Ontario over two centuries

 In past centuries, particularly in English and French jurisdictions, the monarch’s  travelling (and royally Commissioned) judge would arrive, perhaps on horse-back, and in an open space, his clerk would  announce: “Oyez! His/Her Majesty’s Judge X is  here this day in … Continue reading

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Introduction: Corrupt public spending since 1959: Ontario judicially assisted and approved

I worked for both Avro (after Lancaster experience) and later Canadair in charge of engineering application of a first Burroughs digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, (but thereafter (continuing) illegally billed to the federal government, salary … Continue reading

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