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Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom

In Ottawa, fifty thousand resident individuals each owns more than two million dollars of undeserved assets. A   significant statistical sample of thousands are to be Summoned to discovery, testimony , charge, plea, and trial  or  dismissal (subject to Court approval) on their testimony and related evidence. See CROWN a few lines below. Mathematicians and associates have published (and may amend appropriately) names and brief provisional indictments at this address:  Recover $billions for the Crown toward public debt of $1.3 trillions. Also named are known witnesses for the Crown some of whom  may be  in life or career hazard. RIP P.Tyas, G.Parry et al. CROWN First fifty for Summons. Work in progress. Crown versus Elected: Evidence without response Ottawa Councillors Chernushenko, Doucet, Harb MLA Naqvi, Cullen, and letter to each member of then premier Davis Queen’s Park legislature. MP: C.McKenna, P.Dewar (passport and his staff member versus Dewar). School trustees: My presentation to Ottawa District School Board (ODSB) and false minutes. Ottawa Citizen J.Laucius attended (and was silenced or so chose). Trustee attended plus Director plus Gowling lawyer Police RCMP since 1962/3/4 Assistant Commissioner Poudrette to Commissioners Paulson and (acting) Dubeau. Disseenting officers for the Crown RCMP file GC-310-26-4-1 Ottawa police Det.Sgt Hudz (CCRMS) plus Ottawa Police Chiefs from Seguin to Bordeleau. Citizen Editors since Globe and Mail “Three for the Crown Hugh Winsor, Margaret Gardiner and Rosemary versus Editor. CBC since President Davidson: family delinquencies Media et al for my candidacies and press releases. Perth lawyer Butterworth. Arnold Guetta, mathematician. 69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa ON. K1S0M8 tel/fax 613 234 3196 Public debt of $1.3 trillions, with $7.3 billions recoverable (two courts, two years) and recovery to solvency. Public servants whose first and only employment is this pay-cheque for life with rich defined pension benefits (unaffordable in business) frequently adjust to Ottawa waste* and theft * by replacing principles and truthfulness with greed and dishonesty. Ministers offer e-mail, telephone and fax: their employees generally  conceal all three. Deputy  ministers reverse both Courts and cabinet ministers *   * Recover $7.3 billions toward public debt of $1.3 trillions.   Several letters (including the appended to Ms.McKenna, Ontario Attorney General Y.Naqvi and Councillor  Chernushenko (all representing Ottawa Centre where I work) have been sent to Minister Catherine McKenna with her instant electronic acknowledgment. No reply. To all three “In Ottawa Centre, voters who either abuse public purses or conceal such  delinquencies outnumber concerned law-enforcement (including named in RCMP file GC-310-26–4-1, opposing politicized Commissioners ) thousands to one. Evidence supporting my application for judicial Summons of the first fifty will be found at  * . __________” To: Ottawa Centre elected:   Councillor David  Chernushenko,  C..McKenna M.P.  Ontario Attorney General N.Yaqvi .   ………….      ( First  eleven lines and a few words are here deleted for clarity, and concern  adversity effect on the aging mind and will be supplied on request)…….    *      Recover $7.3 billions for the Crown.   $1.3 trillions public debt. No known denial (except.S. Paikin TVO and his “I found nothing there” His then TVO CEO P. Herrndorf differed and did, and wrote to then Premier McGuinty and me before resigning in protest against mathematician excluded TVO union–dominated panels. Bombardier/Canadair “Name your price, Mr. Guetta” , and the  appalling cost of refusal (including violent deaths of two associates).    We refused with thanks  Boeing Seattle, CIDA Jamaica and other offers of employment. Canadair rendering uninhabitable of our Frechette Avenue, Laval West home  was followed twelve years later by police (without my knowledge)  to my wife “When we evict you and the boys from Prospect, you will be able to retain four chairs,   beds and other items”  (Quite false, incidentally: “Twenty minutes, your supper to the fridge: bring only what you can the police car…”.  How does persecution influence mental abilities? Again an extreme : At least one  Nobel prize winner  Eli Weisel emerged from Auschwitz. News for Canadian law enforcement.. Terror is when great-grand-mother of Canadians Moira * once lived in Ottawa. Now an ocean away in sanctuary in England, after losing two husbands, one violently, one currently endangered, in Ottawa*. Terror is the manslaughter * of innocents associated with fifty-five years of unacknowledged analyses, including a sixty-page report, supplied to police (since Poudrette, 1962). Terror is “Mr. Guetta is known to police”. Terror is Ottawa Centre elected  versus the Crown * Terror is a related* Canada Post registered letter, “out daily for (six-kilometre) delivery “daily tracked” ” undelivered after a year. How do you induce terror (suppressing his simple duty) in a postman?                                                         ——————————————- I worked for both Avro then later Canadair: seven years (five years in charge of engineering application of an early Burroughs Datatron digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, (but thereafter (continuing) illegally billed to the federal government, salary plus 100% overhead). Chief Development Engineer Ross required illegal cosmetic fraud in Pilots Operating Instructions for  passenger airplane I filed to supervisory managers up to Chief Engineer Harvie written disclosure of dissent, refused subsequent “Name your price”, and refused with thanks an offer of employment from Boeing Seattle, preferring to open an office * in Ottawa. With notable judicial, cabinet minister and senior public servant (Hon. Warren Allmand, Hon. Paul Hellyer *Hon.Howard Hampton and many unknown exceptions) Ottawa thrives municipally* on theft, adding the current $28 billions annual deficit to Canadian public debt of $1.3 trillions. * Recover $7.3 billlions for public purses, as approved* by three magistrates, stalled indefinitely* For some statistics, conclusions and also both outrage and excellence in public service, read * the half-century experience of independent mathematicians in Ottawa. Arnold Guetta, mathematician, as commissioned, Canada and the United Kingdom. Twenty -five  years Scouting All cabinet ministers publish (but 95% of their hundred thousand Ottawa federal employees conceal) e-mail addresses and telephone and fax numbers. Longest standing of the blood-stained administrations, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) offer a restricted e-mail box located within agency web-site, leaving writer no copy. Crown versus negligence. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) acting Commissioner Dubeau has been asked to examine the evidence justifying provide my access to a Court. I await his reply. Commissioner Paulson, who retired in 2017 June, has not acknowledged receipt of my two 2015 May letters detailing unacknowledged letters and sixty-page reports supplied to the police in Ottawa. Chief Justice McLachlin has withheld Judgment of Canadian Judicial Council file 05-0626 “Crown versus Judges”. Apparently ”Bottom of next month’s list” for twelve years? Both Paulson and Ms. McLachlin have announced retirement after publication of these indictments. Royal Commissioner Judge Rene Marin, on RCMP delinquencies, including theft of mail, barn-burning, Judge Marin concealed and exploited mathematicians’ testimony and filed references, so betraying his Commission, and necessitating the (subsequent, and also failed ) McDonald Royal Commission on RCMP. Barrister Paul Belanger who as President, Ottawa-Carleton Law Society received my Crown evidence, refused retainer for the Crown, and exploited my evidence: “Crown versus Judge T. Swabey”, to exclude both Crown and evidence, so falsifying Judge Swabey’s trial, and seized for himself the Bench vacancy when Chief Justice Estey removed T. Swabey. Industry deputy minister Grandy manslaughtered his P.Tyas after Mr. Tyas printed a sixty-page exposure of Industry-Canadair theft and fraud 1959-1969 (and since). We have supplied to Ottawa Courts evidence of theft from the Crown (as accumulated in * ) for some forty years, including sixty-page reports and files. The Supreme Court of Canada secretly used the evidence “exhibits 1-8” for removals for cause (ministers Turner/Richardson, /deputy ministers Reisman/Grandy) , then asked if we wish the evidence returned. Declined. The Federal Court of Canada summoned me to a five-minute hearing, confiscated compensation and Justice Canada awards and payments then repeatedly asks me to translate subsequent applications for the Crown from English into FORMAT . This shelters thieves. __________________________ In some departments, e-mail addresses are essentially confined to the two (office and constituency) for the elected minister, thus facilitating shelter of delinquents (unlisted telephone numbers are noted) and some multiple incomes. Deputy ministers reverse both ministers and courts. Remarkable half-century example- Transport Canada:: (current minister Hon.Marc Garneau, life-time public purse), whose delinquent deputies leave letters and sixty page (metaphorically blood-stained) evidence unacknowledged, or returned or destroyed, this currently sheltered by Marc Garneau and local elected persons. Admirable exceptions * include a Solicitor General, a Defence Minister, and many excellent unknowns. One Attorney General recently visited me to discuss the evidence: a deputy Attorney General personally forwarded to a deputy minister a copy of my Canada Post registered letter corruptly obstructed from Canada Post delivery for a year. Work in progress: * To TVOntario CEO Ms. de Wilde.   RSVP by mail Thursday  17/6/9  Draft: Crown  press release for 2017 June  10 TVO blacklist : “We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by TVO”. TVOntario  Agenda and Studio Two (S.Paikin for decades)  shut out mathematicians, ( and other opinions DieterHH, et al) since its Day One.. This falsifies all elections in addition to the flagrant exclusion of one party for its first several campaign evenings. TVO is  self promoted by  S.Paikin and S.Dunseath  vanities and falsehoods “TVO…”, “No other program does that” etc. 97% of panel guests are public servants or ill-educated, misinformed or complicit journalists. Assembly of the first fifty Defendants is expected to include TVO public servants. Crown indictments are expected to be supported by my correspondence with Ms. de Wilde’s predecessor, former TVO/CEO Peter Herrndorf. Mr. Herrndorf resigned on principle. for the Crown Arnold Guetta, mathematician  69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa, ON KS 0M8 Expose a half century of false judicial , (including Royal Commission) proceedings. Lose: family to UK sanctuary, bank balance, Canadian passport, two homes (one rendered uninhabitable by Canadair, and the second “Police; Out in twenty minutes, with all you can carry”). Perth Barrister Butterworth saw more profit in the second than in accepting my retainer for the Crown. Butterworth so manslaughtered his client G.Parry. The Crown applied in 2016 for the first fifty Summoned defendants, so to commence recovery of $7.3 billions toward Canadian public debt of $1.3 trillions. Evidence and names follow. Lancasters from Royal Air Force Bomber Command Oakington (1944), and Brussels to Berlin (1945) appeared dangerous at the time, but nothing like the sustained mortal hazard of Ottawa, since 1961. Rest in Peace: P.Tyas, G.Parry et al. For some statistics, conclusions and also both outrage and excellence in public service, read our following half-century conclusions. First employment “Pay-cheque for life (lawyers at $75,000 p.a.)” often reduces principle, intelligence and truth insidiously from idealism to dormancy, greed, and adjustment to the overwhelming waste and theft.. Manslaughter by deputy minister or lawyer is repeatedly and tragically recorded * after hypothetical insistence to us that “2+2=5 ,one for us: it is only borrowed in the name of our descendants ” Access to the unreliable bar/bench only follows yesterday’s media Page One disclosurers. Senators evade conviction. 90% of our paid work (and in 40-year gross violation of minimum wage) comes from the principled “entered public service after age thirty” and from (all parties) ministers elected elsewhere. Our Court awards are reversed by a deputy minister’s telephone call to a Federal Court judge “Summon Mr. Guetta to a 10.0 a.m five minute hearing, excluding evidence, and reverse the judgment ‘, Ottawa Centre elected get the message: majority of electors ignore, condone or practice theft, and show thinly concealed contempt for independence. “Principle, intelligence and truth spell trouble”: send them on unnecessary French, or rig an offer of employment in the United States, or on a ship.

This year  contrasts fifty-seven years of unprincipled  federal and provincial blood-stained $billions in Bombardier/Canadair waste and corruption (catalogued in documents herein) with the termination by prime minister J.Diefenbaker of the  parallel Avro Arrow extortion.                                                                                                                      This week we learn that the latest public $billion … Continue reading

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The text of mine to Ministers and RCMP appears lost: my apologies. I worked for both Avro and later Canadair, in charge of engineering application of an early Burroughs Datatron digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, … Continue reading

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Supplement 2014

This update is made in 2015 June; (some alternative dates remain displayed: my apologies). 1: Evictions of mathematicians: My two purchases of family homes in Canada (1957 and 1963) both were disasters accomplished by government/law enforcement criminal delinquencies. I moved … Continue reading

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Supplement: 2013: Crown versus Revenue Canada and related law offices.

My apologies to viewers before today, 2013 November 30. The penultimate paragraph below published an error in the tracking number of Canada Post registered , omitting the CA from RW727283256CA. Corrected today, and noting that this registered letter is now … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day, 2013.

In reviewing 2012, it is first noted that the resignation of Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty (despite one’s permanent optimism for the petitioned open due process) predictably followed my registered letter of July 4 to Ontario Attorney General J. Gerretson (reproduced … Continue reading

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Ontario Attorney General: Hon.J.Gerretson. My letter dated 2012/7/4

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Ottawa Centre.

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