Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada Revenue Agency versus the Crown in Canada, 1961-2015

DRAFT: for information.

The Crown in Canada to recover $7.3 billions.


Notices of initial meetings  to be tape-recorded and attended/initiated by law-enforcement including Arnold Guetta, mathematician, for the Crown. Brief outlines of topics to be raised, (subject to supplement and change) are included.

Robert Paulson: Obstruction of Justice including those matters cited below. Arnold Guetta cites five letters (four unacknowledged, unanswered: this the fifth) to Robert Paulson since 2015 April 21.

Andrew Treusch, Commissioner, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). My detailed evidence and references which he is believed to have received directly from Canada Deputy Attorney General W.F.Pentney, and separate Canada Post mail which he appears to obstruct, and extensive  theft from the Crown, aided by (and concealed from police at) CRA.

R.Van Loon.                   His service at Treasury Board, and the circumstances surrounding his $500,000 payment while President, Carleton University at his latest retirement.

Ottawa City Councillors, past and present: T.McDougall, D.Chernushenko, H. Kreling et al,   The recovery of $5 millions stolen from a government department (apparently hidden by the convicted thief).

Allan Gotlieb, retired public servant. Theft of federal property and his cancellation of a remedial ministerial contract.

Editors and journalists, including Andrew Potter, Ottawa Citizen.      Dishonest news, falsification of elections.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.     Falsification of news and elections, and nepotism

TVOntario Chief Executive Officers plus Dan Dunsky and Steve Paikin et al. False panels, erasing evidence, and corrupt publicly funded panel invitations exchanged for  personal or family benefits.

and such other persons, charges and evidence as may be added.


Arnold Guetta, mathematician, as Commissioned.                             ““““““                           69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa ON K1S0M8    tel/fax 613 234 3196


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