The text of mine to Ministers and RCMP appears lost: my apologies.

I worked for both Avro and later Canadair, in charge of engineering application of an early Burroughs Datatron digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, (but thereafter (continuing) illegally billed to the federal government, salary plus 100% overhead).
I filed to supervisory managers up to Chief Engineer Harvie written disclosure of dissent, refused subsequent “Name your price”, and refused with thanks an offer of employment from Boeing Seattle, in favour of opening an office * in Ottawa.
With notable judicial, cabinet minister and senior public servant exceptions                (Hon. Warren Allmand, Hon. Paul Hellyer, Hon.Howard Hampton and many unknown ) Ottawa and Ontario benefit from excessive and illegal public spending adding the current reported $28 billions annual federal deficit to Canadian public debt of $1.3 trillions.
Recover $7.3 billions for public purses.

In Ottawa, for a half-century * mathematicians rejecting and exposing theft* and waste in the public purses

1: are outnumbered in elections  

    1.1:  100 to 1 by  public servants who steal,

     1.2: 1000 to 1 by public servants who know of some who steal.

2:  receive no acknowledgment or reply to related letters to decades of elected representatives, including current Ministers McKenna MP. Naqvi MLA and  Ottawa Councillor Chernushenko. No acknowledgment:     RCMP since Poudrette, 1963, Ottawa Chiefs since Seguin, election platform publications  including 1980/82, Ottawa Police Commissions Chair since before Herb Kreling (removed for cause, but rewarded with appointment Justice of  the Peace).                                                                                                                            Our “Crown 101”  is overwhelmingly (with endangered exceptions including  RIP Tyas, Parry et al) by Ottawa/Toronto municipal wealth 101

3; have accumulated unacknowledged letters and sixty-page reports to a half century of delinquent law-enforcement, up to and including Commissioner R.Paulson,  RCMP and Ottawa Police Chief Bordeleau

  *                Arnold Guetta, mathematician in Ottawa.

2015 November 10: The Crown in Canada, 1959-2015.

This website records how mathematicians in Ottawa have recorded and reported  theft from public purses for more than fifty years.

In 1963 I retained a lawyer  (recommended by McGill University) for the Crown and also  visited  officer Poudrette as instructed by the Glassco Commission. To all those parties I  described  theft from public purses then of  $millions annually, and left written supporting evidence.

Those sums have accumulated to some $7.3 billions  now recoverable by the Crown, and some $26 billions to be saved annually toward the Canadian public debt estimated at $1.3 trillions.

Additional evidence has been supplied to  most Ottawa Police Chiefs from Seguin to currently Bordeleau and other officers. These disclosures include my meeting with Detective Sergeant Hudz at police H.Q. Elgin Street, where I handed to Det. Sgt. Hudz  a copy of a sixty page report “Computers in Canada and related management studies”.

That report was printed at Industry Canada by the late Philip Tyas at the cost of his life. See Philip Tyas below, (Industry Canada, after his British Army D-Day, “Proceed to Cap Gris Nez and destroy V1/V2  rocket launch sites”.

Also violently dead: The late George Parry (see below): Royal Navy, limbless from bomb disposal, WW2, and  died violently near Ottawa

Ottawa Police Chief T. Flanagan and seven other negligent public servants  were legally cited and summoned, attended Judge Paul Belanger’s Court and all (see media) were corruptly ordered “Dismissed unheard and unexamined” by Judge Paul Belanger, consistent with lawyer  Paul Belanger accomplishing the secret trial of Judge Thomas Swabey (see below). Paul Belanger had earlier  refused my retainer for the Crown, but retained the evidence of Theft 101  which I handed to him at his Ottawa office.

In 1977 Jan and 1978 Jan,  I published display announcements in the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail, which announcements  declared my intention to speak for the Crown at, respectively, the Ottawa Court House, and Osgoode Hall, Toronto. I named some eleven , including cabinet and deputy ministers and judges (including T. Swabey, above) removed from office just in case the future (i.e. you,  the reader today)might bring  principled, intelligent and truthful law enforcement, which is still  awaited.

No police officer appeared to attend either of those occasions.

Currently, Constable McKinnon telephoned me on 2015 June 3 and appears completely  misguided and misinformed ((and possibly  in his innocence deceived) about my unacknowledged letters to  his supervisors. His supervision consists of some fifteen individuals (vertically and horizontally charted), each directly or by delegation with some degree of awareness of my half-century of  evidence for the Crown in Ottawa

(2015 November addition ends here)

To recover $7.3 billions and save $26 billions annually.                                                               Evidence follows.

Judicial, lawyer and public servant support includes (in approximate chronologically order) :    Late Chief Justice J.T.Thorson,1964 ( “ Send fact, fact, fact to the Minister…Your position is strong in Quebec where Napoleonic Code demands “Where is Justice today between these two parties?”: In Ontario, precedents point in different directions”).                                                                                                                                                   Late Justice Henry “ In dismissing  this Motion to terminate  your action: I advise you to learn the Ontario rules e.g. numbered paragraphs, double spacing etc or thieves will defeat you in Ontario Courts”.

Hon Warren Allmand, Hon. Paul Hellyer , Privy Council (brief window of Science Council, Science Secretariat), National Research Council V/P Kenneth Tupper and their contracts,   Alberta Bar plus le Conseil de la Magistrature du Quebec in my filing of two pages: Canadian Judicial Council 05-0626 (this now ten years with no Judgment reaching me. “Bottom of next month’s list” ? or is a (corrupt or unintelligent) concealed Judgment entered?

1974 Federal Court of Canada T-3212-74. “Arnold Guetta versus the Queen” Awarded some $166,000 by default in refusal of Justice Canada to enter defence, then all lost by the intervention of an accused deputy minister and a complicit (five-minute corrupt? unintelligent?) judge. See also  (?)   FCC T-5017-78 ITA v Arnold Guetta .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2013 W.E. Pentney, Deputy Attorney General of Canada. His letter (paraphrased) “noting the obstructions of your communication with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Commissioner A.Treusch, and his refusal of delivery of your Canada Post registered letter. I have sent him a copy of your same registered letter…”.

Others follow below with related references

Defendants (opposing my civil work as a mathematician) or Accused, by authority of my Commissions from the Crown. Some thousands, supplemented monthly, depleted either at death or a settlement subject to Court approval.These include R.Paulson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police re unanswered letters, 1963-2015, A.Treusch, Canada Revenue Agency, and all information in my tax returns and correspondence, 1961-2015.Others below  and related references, including removals from office of judges, ministers, deputy ministers et al “Just in case this action might reach Judgment”.

Canadian media since 1963: excluding or silencing the endangered principled, intelligent and truthful, in both media and citizenry in general

Influential columnists, deceive two million readers daily and two million television viewers nightly, benightedly, with their opinionated ignorance.. Examples follow.

Justin Trudeau should be busy for life compensating his father’s victims*.
Ontario Premier Wynne could start by a full confession* concerning Ontario’s last four Attorneys General. These from Bryant through Bentley then Gerretson * (my unacknowledged registered letter reproduced  below) to the present Mme. Meilleur       (p.s. now (2016 May) resigned) have all either been removed for, or are incriminated in, fifty years of Ontario police, bar and bench criminal error and delinquency*. Endangered exceptions are repeatedly identified)..
* Recover $7.3 billions from thieves
When she was Ottawa City Councillor, Ontario Attorney General Mme. Meilleur was contemporary with the pack of Council lies and deceit which removed Councillor/Police Board Chair Herb Kreling. His criminal indictment (for sheltering Ottawa police chiefs since Seguin, now to Bordeleau*), was replaced with his Justice of the Peace ( $106,000 per year) appointment.
Where have journalists been? Precoccupied with $90,000.

The chronically misinformed Andrew Cohen, with his published disdain for Oxford, reviews the equally chronically misinformed John Ibbotson, who also has either the Globe and Mail digital authority or web manager to erase corrections of his errors on their electronic arrival. Both share guest places on our corrupt publicly funded CBC and TVOntario, where criminal charges are laid by the Crown* citing exchange for Paikin family benefits
Arnold Guetta, author of “C.O.P.S.” Carleton University library, mathematician in Ottawa Centre, as Commissioned 1944.
Also my letters to the Financial Post. shut out for fifteen years: example
2015 August 19. ” maths1 • a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Financial Post.”
“Why does Mr. Krishna sign his name here, whereas when he replies to my letters* to the Law Society of Upper Canada he signs with an anonymous collection of some twelve or so alphanumeric symbols?     Still waiting.
Ontario Post Secondary scandalous waste: Professor Woolhouse “professor of downloaded songs”, Ontario “Professor of fund-raising”, Carleton University administrator’s latest retirement includes a “$500,000 sabbatical” and many more, with S.Paikin trading panel invitations for family benefits all sheltered by TVO.
To: Paul Wells, 2015 September 2
  “Some decades ago, Mr. Wells, when public debt was approximately one half of its present $1.3 trillion, you kindly agreed to carry to Editor Jean Fraser, Gazette, Montreal
my documents ( *, since further accumulated),
 exposing of the then recoverable $3.4 billions.
Ms. Fraser never acknowledged or published, but joined the Senate”.
No reply from Mr. Wells
2015/8/24.  TVOntario’s presents its serious admiration for  Ontario Post Secondary scandals including “Professor of fund-raising and Professor Woolhouse “professor of downloaded songs”.
Carleton University administrator, whose latest publicly funded pension, was  topped off with a $500,000 “sabbatical”.
National Post electronic blog,  2015 September 1. My “Today, Ms. Soupcoff and her Canadian Constitution Foundation, together with her Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (and her Guardian Powers since1965) appear joined with a metaphorical herd of elephants in a joyful circle gambolling and dancing around the manslaughtered and bleeding (literally not vulgarly )mathematicians* in Ottawa Centre.
* RIP Tyas, Parry et al.
* Recover $7.3 billions from thieves.
My continuous seized or disappeared mail, meals and pay-cheques, together with the seized 60 page analyses of the thievery called Ottawa Centre, have been way below the urgent priority of my survival in order to record for the Crown since “Name your price” (1961).
Arnold Guetta, mathematician in Ottawa Centre, as Commissioned before Ms. Soupcoff was born.”
National Post then removed both Ms. Soupcoff article and all blog responses

Arnold Guetta, 69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa, ON.   Tel/fax 613 234 3196


About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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