Supplement 2014

This update is made in 2015 June; (some alternative dates remain displayed: my apologies).

1: Evictions of mathematicians:

My two purchases of family homes in Canada (1957 and 1963) both were disasters accomplished by government/law enforcement criminal delinquencies.
I moved my young family from Montreal to Ottawa in 1961, renting our Montreal home to an employee of Canadair Ltd, after I visited a previously  unknown administrator of that company. He asked me to name my price “to solve”  my exposure of fraud including cosmetically enhanced Pilots Operating Instructions for a passenger airplane and hundreds of unemployed engineer/technician years billed (then and since) to National Defence. I declined. (As one of my favourite anonymous  blog * critics writes: “Back on your medication immediately!’)
Within four months , our tenant was secretly moved to a company selected property, either in ignorance or on condition that he do so without notice, the house to be vacated in February, with windows open, and limited fuel. Water radiators burst, , wooden parquet floors ruined.
We received a telephone alarm from a next-door neighbor, repaired the house and sold it at a loss.
This formed the basis of extensive and continuous exposures of public spending * since 1961, as one of professional mathematicians and associates (33% violent mortality *)
In 1974, after the retirement of cabinet and deputy minister sponsors, my family fled to U.K. sanctuary, and in 1978 “law enforcement” evicted me at twenty minutes notice , (after secretly removing firearms from the residence).
“Put the rest of your supper in the fridge, for hygiene reasons, as you will not return”. I returned for clothing the next day, and met an armed police officer at the gate: he refused me admission.
I never saw either family-gifts, parents’ gifts or a nickel when the house was sold in 1980 for $86,000.

2:                                The Crown in Canada to recover $7.3 billions.

Notices of initial meetings  to be tape-recorded and attended/initiated by law-enforcement including Arnold Guetta, mathematician, for the Crown. Brief outlines of topics to be raised, (subject to supplement and change) are included.

Robert Paulson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Obstruction of Justice including those matters cited below. Arnold Guetta cites five letters (four unacknowledged, unanswered: this the fifth) to Robert Paulson since 2015 April 21.

Andrew Treusch, Commissioner, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). My detailed evidence and references which he is believed to have received directly from Canada Deputy Attorney General W.F.Pentney, and separate Canada Post mail which he appears to obstruct, and extensive  theft from the Crown, aided by (and concealed from police at) CRA.

R.Van Loon.                   His service at Treasury Board, and the circumstances surrounding his $500,000 payment while President, Carleton University at his latest retirement.

Ottawa City Councillors, past and present: T.McDougall, D.Chernushenko, H. Kreling et al,   The recovery of $5 millions stolen from a government department (apparently hidden by the convicted thief).

Allan Gotlieb, retired public servant. Theft of federal property and his cancellation of a remedial ministerial contract.

Editors and journalists, including Andrew Potter, Ottawa Citizen.      Dishonest news, falsification of elections.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.     Falsification of news and elections, and nepotism

TVOntario Chief Executive Officers plus Dan Dunsky and Steve Paikin et al. False panels, erasing evidence, and corrupt publicly funded panel invitations exchanged for  personal or family benefits.

and such other persons, charges and evidence as may be added.

Arnold Guetta, mathematician, as Commissioned.                             ““““““                           69 Centennial Blvd. Ottawa ON K1S0M8    tel/fax 613 234 3196

This web-site presents (courtesy of WORDPRESS) exposure of (and corrections to) a half century of false Canadian public spending records and related judicial processes.
It also constitutes an immensely appreciated (possibly even life-saving *) relief for mathematicians in Ottawa Centre.

First: a composite half-century record, facts and names true, telescoping the decades of Capital municipal/individual enrichment, delinquent and negligent law-enforcement and judicial process, with Council dishonesties and false minutes continuously sheltered by Ottawa Citizen and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, (CBO/CBOT).

CBC presidents since Davidson (after delinquency as Secretary, Treasury Board and falsification of the  Glassco Commission report) have presided  over a half century of false  broadcasting in the nation’s capital. Three generations of Haltons are  noted, together with other flagrant nepotism and family groupings. CBC has broadcast dishonest dismissals of my work in my absence, and CBC accomplished my exclusion from  CBC election panels (and excluded my name from half-page advertisement in Ottawa Citizen) where I have been a candidate.

No reply is received from CBC Ombudsmen after my disclosures of related facts .Honest journalists risk their CBC employment, as Inquirer  Ms. Janice Rubin (investigating the 2014 allegations of Ghomeishi sexual  misconduct) has been asked to note in her current  (2014 December) inquiry. Ms. Rubin’s report is awaited  in 2015.                                         Ms. Rubin has also been made aware  that (her) Law Society of Upper Canada (and its local Ottawa-Carleton Law Association)  either leave my letters and display advertisements without acknowledgment  , or send me  anonymous responses “signed” with a twelve digit/letter sequence (representing Mr Helms and many others at LSUC).

Extensive false journalism continues, together with the corrupt obstruction and fraudulent rigging of remedial municipal election candidacies. Mayor Marion Dewar removed my name (in my first candidacy) from the ballot after nominations closed; my  judicial motion for reinstallation was heard  by delinquent police commissioner Judge K. Flanigan, (see below) who said that all his jurisdiction permitted was to set a hearing before the Ontario Divisional Court for six weeks after Polling Day.Mayor Dewar’s son, Paul Dewar M.P.  currently obstructs and withholds my Canadian passport.

I last visited Canadair Limited in Montreal following my unanswered letters to its Chief Development Engineer Ross, and its Chief Engineer Harvie,  drawing attention to fraudulent and illegal Pilots Operating  Instructions using cosmetically enhanced thrust for passenger airplanes, and the illegal federal billings for unemployed  engineers and technicians. I was asked to meet with an unknown administrator, who asked me to equate the issues with a dollar amount “There always is an equation, Mr. Guetta”. Declined.

On my recommendation, the purchasers of the Canadair passenger airplane received corrected replacement Pilots Operating Instructions from Chief Development Engineer R.J.Ross, and Canadair removed Chief Engineer Tom Harvie from his position. A Canadair engineer, newly arrived from England,  who had rented my house near Canadair, left without notice in mid-winter; a neighbour called me to advise that windows were left open, with no sign of heat. Hot-water radiators ruptured, with ice covering hardwood floors. This may have been due to Canadair counter measures.            I retained a lawyer recommended to me by McGill University. He billed me twice, was paid, and concealed  both his approaching bankruptcy and his  inability to help.

Industry Canada (succeeding Department of Defence Production)  has persistently declined to change its spending practices, typically replacing  deputy ministers and senior officials when public exposure appeared imminent: the department also disgracefully  caused the violent death of Phil Tyas, Industry Canada, who both contracted me, and printed (1969) my sixty-page report “CCRMS” recording the above analysis.

I summarized the record (supplementing it progressively with other recorded theft and waste), and  placed these analyses successively before Chief Justice J.T.Thorson and Ontario Justice Henry, who both endorsed my principles., as did cabinet ministers Allmand and Hellyer plus successive Privy Councils which  extended  unrelated contracts to me.

I also  made progressively supplemented written submissions (all unacknowledged) to  the President of the County of Carleton Law Society Paul Belanger, local Judges Thomas Swabey  and Flanigan and (Royal Canadian Mounted Police misconduct Royal Commissioners)  Marin and McDonald, Both their Commission reports (as with Glassco 1963) excluded all mention of my  submissions and my appearances from final reports, but Marin attempted exploitation for personal gain. I complained to Ontario Chief Justice Willard Estey, who ordered Swabey to Trial. Paul Belanger intervened, requesting (and being granted) secret Process excluding the Crown.Swabey resigned with full benefits replacing penalties, and was replaced on the  Bench by the same  Paul Belanger, from which he refused my ten properly Crown  summoned thieves and delinquents waiting outside his Court, and  entered convictions against me instead.

I  later  handed  eight supplemented Exhibits in Chambers to (Supreme Court Justice) Brian Dickson,  without acknowledgment, but noted  that within weeks delinquent Ministers Turner and Richardson ,delinquent  deputy ministers Reisman and Grandy were removed from public office, the latter two with  lifetime federal contracts replacing  the financial penalties  which the Crown again so richly deserved

Following the example of  publishing legal notice, I purchased  full display announcements in the Ottawa Citizen  and in the Globe and Mail, and respectively spoke publicly at the Ottawa Court House and at Osgoode Hall, Toronto.No  response from publicly named ministers, deputy ministers and barristers, or from  media except for the  (now defunct) Ottawa Journal.

This continuous half-century pattern of removal of delinquents with false statements undeserved benefits is  both continued and exposed  (see Attorney General Gerretson, and his predecessors Bentley and Bryant, and Ottawa Councillor Herb Kreling below).

Two  statements. One  on humanitarian issues and one on Canadian public spending. These may assist either your continued reading, or your diversion  to other matters

Irene Moira  Parry (nee Pitt): Great-, Grand-, and mother-  of Canadians, supported this work in Ottawa  for some sixteen years, while her two sons aged from new-born  to sixteen years of age. Moira lost two husbands in Ottawa to judicial malfeasance and error.:one died violently, the other still unsafe in Ottawa Centre. Moira fled to, and found sanctuary in, the United Kingdom in 1973, where she still resides as detailed below.       RIP: Hobson, Kroeker,  Tyas, Parry et al

Recover (two Courts, two years) $7.3 billions,  save $26 billions annually for the Crown in Canada, and recover and save additional sums elsewhere.

Details, judicial support and references follow.
Over a half-century , within developed nations on the planet, one of the highest per capita naturally endowed has been transformed into one of the highest per capita indebted. This through errors of Pearson and Paul Martin Sr. through Trudeau and Sharp (exceptions Allmand and Hellyer) through Mulroney, Chretien (exception Paul Martin Jr.) to Harper and Flaherty.

The Crown in Canada, represented  by : mathematicians and associates: (RIP Hobson, Kroeker, Tyas et al), the late Chief Justice J. T. Thorson, the late Justice Henry, (Ontario), the late Master Elliott and staff, Ottawa  Court Administration, Hon. Paul Hellyer, Hon. Warren  Allmand  (but reversed by his deputy minister Allan Gotlieb), Dr. Ken Tupper, National Research Council, Staff of the Science Council and the Science Secretariat of Canada,  and others named elsewhere on this site, Alberta Bar Association, and le Conseil de la Magistrature du Quebec


T. Harvie, (removed from Chief Engineer, Canadair Ltd. 1961), Judge Rene Marin (his fraudulent Commission on Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his concealment and exploitation of testimony, exhibits  and evidence), and  (resigned)  Cabinet ministers Turner and Richardson, deputy ministers Reisman and Grandy, (cite eight exhibits/six hundred approx. pages, filed with (Supreme Court) Justice Brian Dickson), cite John Manley’s letter and his knowledge while assisting Chief Justice Bora Laskin  SCC.   Resigned: Judge  Thomas Swabey: in his secret trial (Crown excluded),  both its secrecy and his own succession were accomplished by Paul Belanger, President, Law Association of Ottawa Carleton …………………………………..     to more recently,

Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, and her failure to process Canadian Judicial Council file 05-0626,   Thomas  McDougall , sometime Ottawa councillor , (Perley Robertson McDougall, Ll.P. Ottawa) concerning his custody of $5.2 millions of the $110 millions stolen from National Defence  Canada by its employee Paul Champagne     (sentenced to seven years jail).   Cite TVOntario, S.Paikin and D. Dunsky, erasing evidence, promoting thieves and trading publicly funded  panel appearance for personal family benefits

Allan Gotlieb, Bennett French (op. cit.).While Mr. Gotlieb was deputy minister of Communications, his minister, Hon. Warren Allmand,  issued a contract to me  concerning  reform of the government telephone system. Theft of long-distance  telephone by public servants   had been publicized , estimated of the order of $6 millions annually, in relation to publicity of my analyses of fraud and theft.

I filed my first memorandum outlining simple  departmental steps to reduce  theft of long distance telephone including telephone book amendments.

Mr. Gotlieb’s staff (Massicotte et al) then ordered me off the department  premises (where I had been provided additional office space) at  ten minutes notice, and  all accumulated payments for my work were withheld and remain unpaid,

Max Yalden, who as deputy minister reversed the modest Justice Canada award of some $160,000 to this agent of the Crown as both future funding and past compensation (for two preceding decades). Mr. Yalden appears to have accomplished this  by co-opting a judge (ignorant or corrupt) to cancel the award in a five -minute first hearing.

Barrister Butterworth of Perth, Ontario, who   I visited  and provided evidence  to support his  services to  bring my family back from sanctuary in the United Kingdom. Mr. Butterworth found greater profit in  seizing my house, evicting me during my supper,  selling the house, and so contributed to the manslaughter of the purchaser.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (resigned, now Harvard University) and his successive removals for cause of Ontario Attorneys General  Bryant and Bentley, just as they and their successor Gerretson concealed with rewards and deceit the removal from office of Ottawa Councillor/Police Board Chair Herb Kreling just as…….1961


The Crown recognizes no Statute of Limitations where Her Court  officers, both Bar and Bench,  perform with delinquency, deceit and exploitation in Her name, for more than half  a century.


Appalling journalism (exceptions include Barry Conway) and delinquent judicial process (exceptions, as noted above: Justices J.T.Thorson, Henry and Elliot) are recorded..
Since 1961 mathematicians in Ottawa have seen our work, contracts, 60-page reports and political two-page election platforms shut out, or falsely reported (or even fraudulently replaced) by the Ottawa Citizen, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBO,CBOT) CTV and others.
At CPAC, Barry Conway aired one fifteen minute interview with me nationally, but its transmission was confined to Saturday morning, (hardly peak viewing) and I believe that Barry Conway was then dismissed from CPAC by a supervisor rewarded with senior federal appointment.
Current exclusion, suppression, false reporting and obstruction include the tax supported TVOntario where Steve Paikin and Dan Dunsky, (some $330,000 each annually from public funds) trade panel appearances for family and other benefits. TVO abusive telephone call and obscenity in public places are noted
This while all three “establishments” (municipal, provincial and federal) move named delinquents out of office with false accolades, farewells and undeserved benefits just in case we ever find access to either truthful Court or national media.
Our supporting (and therefore dissenting) public servants and journalists appear in career hazard
This website’s statistics record some 11,500 views up to today, and I feel overdue to add some sort of Contents page, as interested viewers, (whether citizen, bar/bench, public servant, police or other) need some signposts toward areas according to their personal interest or concern.
I lack the technical ability to list (summarizing in a sentence each, in some logical order) all thirty two or so documents scroll/click available below. Let alone some twenty thousand complementary, supplementary references (including a variety of “publicity”and 60-page reports which add further dimensions of challenge).
When I suggest these changes and improvements in content to local technical experts all refuse to assist,as also recently with the withdrawal of his proposal by an apparently talented teacher from Southern Ontario. I believe the spending and judicial delinquencies I reject and record are widely known and exploited (and national debt and theft are municipally enriching) in Ottawa.
Some $7.3 billions (two Courts, two years) are recoverable, with some $26 billions in annual federal savings.
Hence to
Contents. There follow below:
2013: Exposure of Canada Revenue Agency, law firms, and a Canada Post registered letter, (Canada Post tracking, reference RW727283256CA) twelve months undelivered over six Ottawa kilometres
2012: Ontario Attorney General Gerretson delinquently follows the precedents of his predecessors Bentley and Bryant, as with resigned (Ottawa Councillor/Police Board Chair) Herb Kreling….
Work in progress. Another registered letter, and this one also brought me no response.


About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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