Supplement: 2013: Crown versus Revenue Canada and related law offices.

My apologies to viewers before today, 2013 November 30.
The penultimate paragraph below published an error in the tracking number of Canada Post registered , omitting the CA from RW727283256CA. Corrected today, and noting that this registered letter is now six months undelivered on its 6 kilometer Ottawa journey. Kindly read the context to this apparent CRA obstruction of Canada Post.
The Crown in Ontario versus
Canada Revenue Agency, Perley Robertson McDougall, Ll.P , Bennett Jones Ll.P et al
2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of McGill University recommending to me the late J.M., lawyer, to represent the Crown and me following my detailed disclosures to McGill (repeated to J.M.) of criminal acts in public spending preceding “Name your price, Mr. Guetta” (1961). *
The late J.M. concealed from me his approaching bankruptcy, which may explain, but certainly does not excuse, his advice: “Take the money and share it with me”. I rejected his proposal and paid his bills.
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rejected my related claims for income tax relief between 1962 and1964: i.e. for those payments to the late be deducted from my income before tax. CRA appeared to me, then as now, as favouring criminal acts (i.e. through taxation obstacles to obedience to the law), and appears to me then as now as having policy placing CRA firmly versus the Crown, and in opposition to those of us of more loyal persuasion.
These CRA illegalities, confirmed on Appeal, are indirectly confirmed in recent years by the Supreme Court of Canada in its disposal (or its concealment) of related Canadian Judicial Council file 05-0626 (defined in more detail in the file itself, and mentioned later in this web-site). Such misconduct has indeed become an unscrupulous half-century cornerstone of CRA hostility to the Crown in Canada and CRA continuous obstruction of, and penalties applied to, mathematicians in Ottawa Centre.
The law office Perley Robertson McDougall, Ll.P. Ottawa has been a prime agent in theft from the Crown, and obstruction of our work for four decades. Their delinquencies include:
1:the apparent custody or laundering of $5.2 millions of the $110 millions stolen by Paul Champagne (sentenced to seven years) from his employers Defence Canada, and
2:“Court orders to confiscate property” from mathematicians conducted with no advice of any “hearing” to us, and therefore our ignorance of and absence from corrupt concealed “judicial” miscarriages.
3:They appear ( *possibly through John Manley (while assisting Justice Bora Laskin at the Supreme Court of Canada) and including his letter to me) to be party to the secret judicial processes * which removed Ministers John Turner, and J. Richardson, deputy ministers Reisman and Grandy * (latter with $millions * of undeserved contracts) and related propagation and protection of theft from public purses*.

This is confirmed this year, in the person of Andrew Treusch, Commissioner, CRA. Mr. Treusch appears surrounded by fax machines which are not operational, neighbours who do not assist, and my Canada Post registered letter RW 727 283 256 CA dated 2013 May 27 is today twenty-three weeks undelivered (as Canada Post tracking discloses) in its six kilometre journey from a Bank Street Post office to Mr. Treusch. One alternative to appalling Canada Post incompetence is for CRA to have intimidated postal employees. However, William F. Penney, (Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Attorney General of Canada)writes to me (undated, probably 2013 June) that he has sent essentially the same evidence to Mr. Treusch.
Justice Canada lawyers have extended support and approval for my work since 1980. *, as have a number of Justices in Ontario*.
Indictments and supporting evidence related to the above were served upon Hugh L. MacKinnon, Chief Executive Officer, Bennett Jones, Ll.P, Toronto in October. I have no knowledge of Mr. MacKinnon’s plea in response.


About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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