2012 marks  a half-century of  corruption and waste documented in this web-site.

It is summarised repeatedly as $7.3 billions  recoverable (two courts, two years) with (now) some  $30 billions in annual  savings by closing  corrupt agencies and severely  restraining, reducing or reforming the chronically  wasteful or virtually useless, including education functions.

Clearly defined divisions for the Crown, and (scandalously large) majorities in Ottawa against the Crown, are noted and recorded within public and academic services, bar, bench and police, media, clerics and citizenry.

These minorities of principle, intelligence and honesty have  defended the Crown and appear miniscule when compared with the apparently dominant Ottawa acceptance of  personal and municipal enrichment from exposed theft from all several public purses. Immense dishonesty in Ontario media, including  alteration or complete erasing of  printed or electronic records, is widespread and offers some major excuse for the citizenry at large

All the more reason therefore to honour the principled and expose some further notable delinquents over fifty years, particularly as these past few days  have seen the following:

1: Ottawa Police Chief: The delinquent Charles Bordeleau to  succeed another  (in a sequence of eight delinquents) Vernon White (White appointed to the Senate) as Ottawa police chief . All nine contrasting markedly with our principled and endangered police  supporters, applying for our Court appearance for the Crown.

These supporters include Deputy Commissioner Drapeau and others (see RCMP-GC-310-26-4-1), from which file Vernon White (24 years RCMP) is believed conspicuously absent, as confirmed by our correspondence.

The new Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau is at present believed and assumed to be the same Bordeleau knowledgable of and responsible for my being named as a prime suspect in the theft of a  purse from my home, in which  event I had pursued and detained the thief and identified her to Ottawa Police some years ago.

2:  The Globe and Mail  (week-ending 2012/3/2) erased immediately John Ibbotson’s false web-site report on the arrival of  corrections to Globe and Mail published record. See John Ibbotson on “Robo-calls”.

3: TVOntario and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( tax-supported at $60 millions and $1100 millions annually respectively) have similarly erased thousands of documents.

4: Below will be found  tribute to Chief Justice  J.T. Thorson, Ontario Justice  Henry et al in their support of the Crown: last week however saw  Judge James Chadwick publicized in the National Post (week-ending 2012/3/2). Chadwick, at some thirty years, is close behind  the durations of  lawless judicial betrayals  of Judges Paul Belanger and John Matheson exposed elswhere in this site. Corruption on the  judges’ bench is  sustained at the highest level,  where  Chief Justice B.Mclachlin has  postponed  decision on Canadian Judicial Council file 05-0626 for some seven years. This obstructs the process of the documented charges against delinquent judges  proposed by le Conseil du magistrature de Quebec and supported by the Alberta bar.

n.b.Paul Belanger (Ottawa: from  law society president before his appointment to  (and throughout) his  bench career). See  the secret trial of Judge T. Swabey, and also Belanger acquitting himself and convicting the Crown.

1961 October 23 “Name your price” has been followed by the above and other divisions (within those populations named) between  loyalty to and betrayal of the Crown.

(work in progress 12/3/3)

False reporting of public spending, and corrupt exchange of Ontario public funded journalism for  family benefits. e.g. Steve Paikin and Jonathan Kay. Electronic  falsifying and obstruction of the Crown. Erasure  of thousands of  comment documents, breach of contract  regarding classified  advertising and other practices. and such  other misconduct as shall be presented

To be completed


About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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