Introduction and Contents. (work in progress)

A half-century of  mathematicians  recording real Canadian public spending, accounting , auditing, Ottawa federally, Ontario provincially and Ottawa municipally together with related judicial processes. With regard to the latter,  Bar/Bench  greed or ignorance  outweigh the principle, intelligence and truth of  minorities. $25 billions in annual federal savings, plus recovery of $7.2 billions from delinquents.

To readers  sufficiently interested to “click” on my posts to media blog opportunities, kindly take note that TVOntario (currently  on $60 millions  annually from the Ontario tax-payer) has shut out mathematicians  since before its “Day 1″, first day on air.  Harry Brown so-called TVO ” ‘phone-in: “Speaking Out”” had a  firm “We do not air mathematicians” policy: this continued under producer Doug Grant (until removed) and thereafter by Dan Dunsky and his host Steve Paikin. They and their producers (including one Ryerson college student, and  mainly ex-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) regularly remove my posts without trace.  In  2011 August, blogger Wolf Braun  wrote on the TVO Agenda web-site that Mr. Paikin is paid some $258,000  annually. (n.b. 2012 March, Steve Paikin’s salary was confirmed at $295,000 p.a. within the names of 7800 Ontario employees exceeding $100,000 p.a.)

TVO closed its viewers “Discussion” blog-site some five months ago, extinguishing many  well-informed viewers, including joannie on “public servant benefits compared with  others”. Mr. Paikin visited my site and  published “..nothing there…” which, if TVO four decades of error ever come before an arbiter, suggests a dishonest plan for  a plea of ignorance.

National   newspapers frequently suppress  my posts, or  for many past months (and some still currently) publish only with a red “DELETE” button inviting any reader (e.g. a ‘teen-ager disgruntled with his failed maths test) to  erase my  words. Ottawa Citizen occasionally declines to admit either my “Log in” or my “Register”, consistent with refusal to quote from my two-page political  platforms. On the other hand, the Financial Post  for a  time added “Top commenter” to my name.

Congratulations to those who  found this site!

Scroll down for essays, during which you will be invited to click further for  some twenty-three documents (see  Contents below for  brevities) of supporting evidence, analyses, and further published sources in the  formal publications of which I am author. The latest, “MOPS”, a ten-page monograph is more secure in Oxford University (and thence free by fax) than  my earlier reports in Ottawa, where their incineration record parallels my eviction  record, and the confiscation of my Canadian passport in 1985. This confiscation of my passport is  confirmed and accepted by my Ottawa Centre M.P. , Paul Dewar, and further accepted by all (his colleague) New Democratic Party Members of Parliament of record prior to  our 2011 May election.

On the other hand, one outstanding Attorney General of Ontario, Hon. H. Hampton (later leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party) ordered an Ottawa judge to”stand aside” from my work. Said Judge (Tierney) batted 1000, i.e dismissed some seven out of seven of my applications exposing  Ottawa Centre thieves at the public purse, and even asked me “When may I expect your next, Mr. Guetta?”.

Documents:-                                                                                                                           Winkler (Chief Justice, Ontario). If a thousand Courts  every day rule against those who decline to appear  or those who wilfully remain silent, Chief Justice Winkler’s silence equates to his delinquent endorsement of  the corrupt or unintelligent majority of judges in Ottawa Courts, e.g. Tierney above (see the  Court dockets), also confiscation of both my cash and the  transcripts which convict other judges : Judge  Belanger dismisses his own indictment, dismisses all Crown witnesses, and convicts the Crown, etc.. Chief Justice Winkler appears to overrule  Chief  Justice J.T.Thorson, Justice Henry  et al (and endangered  Court  staff) who endorsed  my principles.                                                                                           Documents:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mathematician…                                                                                                                                Mathematician’s political candidacies (CBC/Ottawa Citizen shut-outs).                             Y.Naqvi MLA.                                                                                                                                 Attorneys General of Ontario: Bentley removed Bryant, as Bryant removed (Ottawa Councillor /Police Board Chair) Herb Kreling: decades of false   minutes.                             Conrad Black, , who removed three dishonest editors                                                            Anthony Germain, CBC tape-surgeon extraordinaire, exposed and hence to CBC China, as a visibly recognizable/handicapped minority..                                                                         Bar and Bench: the half-century, characterized by “Take the money and share it with me”, then “Don’t bother: I can now do it myself”. See the latest $5.2 thieved millions, exposed by James Bagnall, journalist, befoe his instant removal.                                             Thirty years of accumulated analyses.                                                                                         Ottawa Police.                                                                                                        Crown versus..                                                                                                                                                               Corrections to Dan Gardner.                                                                                                     Misconduct of B. Brucker, Justice Canada.                                                                           Exposure of Senator Joan Fraser                                                                                                    (see C. Black)                                                                           .                                                                     Mathematics of corruption.                                                                                                             The $6 billion….                                                                                                                         Justice Major versus mathematicians, from McDonald Commission Counsel to Commissioner,  Air India 182, (thus proving  the case for lay magistrates).                                                                                                                                     Appreciation of Conrad Black.                                                                                                 Open letter to Ontario Attorney General.                                                                                  Judicial Commission failures, from Glassco (1963) to y .                                                        Major WhiteWash                                                                                                                                  The complicity of Ottawa Mayors, from Greenberg to Watson.                                         Ministers of Justice  for forty years.                                                                                                  The inflationary spiral of corruption.                                                                                         The recoverable Commisioner Gomery.                                                                                    This will bring to your notice……

Work in progress. My family tease me about my neophyte personal computer performance (format, document numbering, typos etc.  my apologies) , citing  my early experience 1956-1961. Burroughs Electro-Data Datatron punch card vacuum tube  computer applications, Canadair Ltd. Montreal, Arthur D. Little, Boston and Atomic Energy of CanadaLtd. Chalk River, Ontario. I plead the survival diversion and concentration of knee-deep in Ottawa Centre metaphorical alligators.. Improvements to follow.



About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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3 Responses to Introduction and Contents. (work in progress)

  1. I strive for good English, Anonymous or, and it does deserve a capital E, Arnold Guetta, mathematician

  2. Dan Dunsky Psychopath says:

    Dan Dunsjy psychopath?

    • At TVOntario Messrs Dunsky (including his abusive telephone call) and Paikin appear to me to support a corrupt Ontario publicly funded agency, and I expect to speak so for the Crown in due course.

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