Some human tragedies surrounding mathematicians in Ottawa, 1961-2010. RIP Hobson, Tyas et al, enabling $7.2 billions recoverable for public purses in Canada

Two  earlier  posts outlined police and judiciary performance in Ontario.                   Human tragedies  are predictable when, for nearly a half-century, access to Royal Commissions  (Glassco, 1963 and since) or access to Court, to represent the Crown, (see two earlier essays) is repeatedly denied and concealed. An apparent majority of greed and delinquency versus minority principle and honesty is  evident and recorded .                                              Current  summary identifies $7.2 billions recoverable for the Crown (two Courts, two years). I have on occasion sadly ill-chosen lawyers  on behalf of the Crown: e.g the late J.M. “take the money and share it with me”  and barrister R. Butterworth of Perth (see below).  Some exceptions are noted, including within Justice Canada, and both inside and outside Ottawa. This essay is published while supporting testimony ( and I know of none opposing) may still be confirmed by the parties named below.

The Crown versus Robert Butterworth of Perth as follows.

Mr. Butterworth, barrister, was given two choices, one some years after the other.

1: At the suggestion of Ottawa barristers, I visited Mr. Butterworth in Perth, about 1974 and showed him analyses (see below) of fraud in public spending , for which I petitioned (then as now ) for initial two days in open Court to present the  facts for the Crown to recover (then) some $2.7 billions, and to bring back my wife and son from the sanctuary which they had repeatedly found in the United Kingdom. Mr. Butterworth declined to assist.

2: In approximately 1978/9, George  Parry (visitor from U.K.  or landed immigrant, however be the case: see below) apparently retained Mr. Butterworth to seize my home and content, without due process, or in my absence, and immediately  sell it. This Mr. Butterworth assisted and accomplished: I was evicted by armed police, at fifteen minutes notice, and refused access by armed police the next day when I returned for clothes. George Parry then obtained “bridge financing ” (some $7,000 in mortgage and taxes were immediately due at sale) of sums of (more or less) $8,000 and $2,000 respectively from  my friends of between fifteen and twenty years Norman and Noreen Dobson of Montreal (see below) and my neighbour Ellis Smith (then widow) of Prospect, Ontario .      n.b. the late Ellis Smith is survived by daughter Sue Newell and her husband, Prospect, Ontario .

The property was sold for some $85,000, and George Parry left for Western travel, initial nightstop in Deep River , guest of my friends Dr. and Mrs. Esilman (see below).       Norman Dobson and Ellis Smith were, I believe, not then  reimbursed. Norman Dobson then contacted (and may have visited) Ontario Provincial Police in Perth, who earlier had intervened with regard to Mr. Parry’s earlier criminal acts. An OPP officer intercepted Mr. Parry at  Dr. Esilman’s residence in Deep River, and requested that Mr. Parry  return under escort to Perth Ontario, to reassure or reimburse Mr. Norman Dobson. En route, George Parry (licensed in Ontario for explosive demolition) took his own life by clasping an explosive mining cap between his teeth while driving his vehicle. An inquest was persistently opposed, until Queen’s Park authorities were prevailed upon to intervene.         I later testified at a pretence of inquest in Perth,  purchased transcript and  saw no sign of barrister Butterworth.

I know of no inquest after the premature or violent deaths of colleagues Dr. Frances Hobson and  (suicide in exile) Philip Tyas (Industry Canada, see below) and  Ottawa Citizen editors forbid the publication of either obituary.

Three references of which I am author:                                                                                           1: 1969 “Computers in Canada and related management studies” (CCRMS) prepared under contract from (and copies (some eighteen known) printed by) Philip Tyas (see below) at his employer Industry Canada, at the cost of his life. No known inquest, and obituary refused by Ottawa Citizen (as with the late mathematician Dr. F. Hobson).              Corrupt public spending since 1961 has been recorded.                                                  2: 1973. “Computers, Ottawa and the public service”: 95% of printing run  seized and incinerated following Judge J. Matheson’s first order for my first eviction.  Surviving copies include  Carleton University, ( library shelf # JL86.A8G84). Ottawa public library is believed to have destroyed its copy, as also with  Philip Tyas’ (see below) publications on Critical Path planning etc.                                                                                                               3: 2005 “Mathematicians, Ottawa and public spending”, a ten-page monograph, free by fax from University of Oxford archivist Ms .Curthoys.

cite  cen.iii.c.1 (1943 )                                                                                                          .

Philip and Joan Tyas:  Both graduates of Manchester University, U.K., and both repeatedly visited our home.   Philip served in  British Army, WW2,, landing in France 1944, and  briefed to report on Cap Gris-Nez rocket launch site.  Philip described to me the continuing hostile, criminally delinquent  opposition to our work of  both his deputy minister James Grandy and Grandy’s delinquent science adviser.  James Grandy (together with deputy minister Simon Reisman, Ministers John Turner and James Richardson) were all removed from office (with  both undeserved contracts and false public reports), by concealed “judicial” process between  Justice Brian Dickson  and Prime Minister Trudeau, resulting from their review of CCRMS and other supporting evidence.

.                                                           .

Moira  (and George) Parry, earlier Moira Guetta, nee Pitt. We were married in 1957 and resided in Montreal where our two sons Stephen and Nicholas were born. We left Montreal (and my seven years Canadair employment)  within days of “Name your price” (references 1,2 and 3) in 1961, moving to Ottawa, where I opened an office as professional mathematician: Cooper St. then Confederation Square, then Sparks St. and Prospect Ontario  etc. Moira with our sons repeatedly found sanctuary in the U.K. from the hostility to my work in Ottawa, both before, and (finally Moira, as a returned permanent resident) after the retirement/departure of my main supporters Dr. Ken  Tupper (NRC), Ministers Paul  Hellyer, Warren Allmand et al.                                                                                                 Approximately  1977, Moira  was granted divorce in Wiltshire, U.K.( I contested by mail, but  was  unable to attend)  from our marriage  while  she was on the staff of Warminster School, where our son was in  residence.                                   The late George Parry was (I am told) a WW2 Royal Navy veteran , and amputee following WW2 mine disposal wounds. As the owner of a cabinet making company near Warminster, he sat on the Warminster School Board of Governors.                                 George Parry became Moira’s second husband after our divorce.

Jack Butt served as a Royal Air Force pilot in WW2, (contemporary with my own RAF navigator service): Jack joined British Airways, to serve as Captain, at about the time that I emigrated from U.K to Canada. Jack was the frequent guest  of Moira and me during his Trans-Atlantic layovers in Montreal , between 1958 and 1961, and later in Ottawa after our move there. Since the death of George Parry, I believe that Moira has had far more comfort and freedom from anxiety with Jack than she ever knew in Ottawa and in Prospect Ontario (except for brief spells  thanks to Ken Tupper, Warren Allmand, Paul Hellyer and a minority of principled and intelligent sponsors of my/our work) after 1962.

The late Norman Dobson ( his widow Noreen now  resides in Calgary with their two sons Graham and Gary and daughter Kimberley, and  grandchildren).                                  Norman and Noreen are both graduate  mathematicians of Manchester University.        In 1958  Norman  joined my group  in computer applications at Canadair Ltd. and was  both talented and instrumental in our group in the work which culminated in “Name your price”, (above +ref.1)). Our families have been close  friends since 1958.

Dr. Gordon and Renee Esilman, Gordon and I worked together in 1952 at Hawker-Siddeley Avro Aviation flight test, Woodford, Cheshire, U.K.. He joined Avro Canada in Toronto at about the same time that I joined Canadair  Ltd. in Montreal (1954.). Although retained by Avro Canada  at cancellation of the Avro Arrow, he chose to study and graduate in dentistry at the University of Toronto, and  then practiced dentistry in Deep River, Ontario for many years.. Our families have been friends for some fifty years.

Some urgency is seen ; this posting may be supplemented  at a future date.                       For example, the distribution of the (some) eighteen copies of CCRMS is  largely known to me, and is noted more for its illegal exploitation than for the hazards associated with law-enforcement in Ottawa since 1961. Three copies are believed to have been in the possession of lawyers in the Ottawa office Perley, Robertson McDougall (Hill, Manley at times) for some three or four decades of lawless exploitation, leading to their exposure by James Bagnall, Ottawa Citizen, 2007 December 15, and their illegal custody or theft of $5.2 millions of public monies. As is the repeated practice of the Ottawa Citizen, James Bagnall was immediately replaced in this Ottawa Bar/Bench reporting by a journalist who is for decades a reliable shelter for thieves at public purses in Ottawa.

Readers may also be interested in a list of the twenty-six documents which I published (each clickable) on an earlier web-site  (as it then existed).      n.b. I hope that these documents will still be found at                                        They include facts about my applications for open Court process, related obstruction, related removal of Councillor/Police Board Chairman Herb Kreling by the Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant, just as Bryant was subsequently removed from cabinet, These removals sheltering corrupt public spending date back to 1961.            Arnold Guetta, mathematician   also at


About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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