Introduction: Corrupt public spending since 1959: Ontario judicially assisted and approved

I worked for both Avro (after Lancaster experience) and later Canadair in charge of engineering application of a first Burroughs digital computer which work rendered hundreds of Canadair engineers/technicians unemployed, (but thereafter (continuing) illegally billed to the federal government, salary plus 100% overhead).
I filed to my supervisory managers up to Chief Engineer Harvie written disclosure of dissent, refused subsequent “Name your price”, and refused with thanks an offer of employment from Boeing Seattle, in favour of opening an office  in Ottawa.
With notable judicial, cabinet minister and senior public servant (Hon. Warren Allmand, Hon. Paul Hellyer *Hon. Howard Hampton and some unknown exceptions) Ottawa thrives municipally* on theft, adding the current $28 billions annual deficit to Canadian public debt of $1.3 trillions.
* Recover $7.3 billlions for public purses.
This web-site records part of the work of applied mathematicians in Ottawa, by publishing a sequence of Documents, (currently twenty-six: to be periodically supplemented).
1: Corruption and waste in public spending, since 1959,
2: Related police lawless conspiracy (all Ottawa police chiefs since Seguin, many Royal Canadian Mounted Police since Poudrette, 1963),
 noting the principled and judicially silenced RCMP minority recorded in RCMP-GC-310-26-4-1.
3: Our early  support from Chief Justice  J.T.Thorson, Justice Henry,  and unknown barristers at Justice Canada outnumbered by Bar/Bench delinquencies (see my posted profile, scroll Belanger et al).
4:The endorsement or opposition or (Senate aspiration) exploitation from Canadian media, shortly to be added as a supplementary Document to the current twenty-six.
5: such other facts as may arise.
My limited web-talents, for which your patient understanding is requested, are largely attributable to the  overwhelming hostility to this work in public servant/public funded  enriched Ottawa Centre. Here I work, and all my applications for web professional assistance remain unanswered after I name my web-site.

About Arnold Guetta

Mathematician, applied to rejection and exposure of corruption, theft and waste in public spending, accounting and auditing and related judicial reforms, since 1959. Commissions: Canada and the United Kingdom
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2 Responses to Introduction: Corrupt public spending since 1959: Ontario judicially assisted and approved

  1. Appreciated, Teri Massia. Fifty years ago, I refused and exposed two streams of unlawful fraud and theft in public spending by letters to two senior managers. No reply, other than an invitation to meet with a stranger, (1961 October 23) and to hear his “Name your price”. This suggested that my unanswered letters had reached their destinations.
    With more than three thousand visitors to this excellent WordPress site, it will only take the right contact between elected, academic, law-enforcement, journalists or other to yield the initial two days in an unbiased Court which is my repeated request in the twenty-five or so essays below. Arnold Guetta, mathematician

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